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(Queen Nymph Series #5)

City Nymph Queen Jacinda has been imprisoned for nearly a month. Now in a couple of days either she or the werewolf Alpha Richard will be announced as Vampire Mistress Lena’s paramour. As the bond she has with Richard and the vampire guard Eric grows so do the stakes. Will her knight in shining armor appear and help them to escape or will she forever be held as a captive sex slave? 




(Queen Nymph Series #6)

City Nymph Queen Jacinda has just been introduced to the vampire Marcello who has come to free her from her duties as a sex slave, but before he can do that, they must once again participate in a BDSM scene night where she will be sold to the highest bidder. Will Marcello keep his word or will vengeance for his dead paramour and his issues with both Eric and Richard prevent him from saving her? 




(Queen Nymph Series #7)

City Nymph Queen Jacinda is playing her role of submissive very well, but is it enough to win a night with the vampire Marcello? There is only a day until the full moon, while hormones are high, and the thought of escape is running rampant. Will Jacinda find her way back to her boyfriend Matt or is the added sex play with Richard, Eric, and Marcello too much for any one woman to handle?

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