Love Match Mix-up

book 1



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 11

M is for Match COVER.jpg

M is for MATCH

(Love Match Mix-up book 1)

Lawrence is looking for love, but because he’s a famous country singer, finding someone “real” is a difficult task. With his newest song “Unknown Love” fresh in his mind, he is determined to find the woman the song is about. To preserve his anonymity, he signs up for online dating. Mariah is looking for redemption after her last two failed relationships. In a drunken stupor, and with her mother’s critical words running through her mind, she also signs up for an online dating service. With her ex trying to weasel his way back into her life and a “meet up” that goes awry, will Mariah stay on long enough to meet the man of her dreams (a man who thousands of women dream about every night)?

***Note: Characters from the Designated Wedding Date series make an appearance in this book.***