Designated Wedding Date book 5



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 10

D is for DESIRE

(Designated Wedding Date 5)

One road block after another has prevented Juliet Holmes and Stephen Brent from setting a wedding date and now it appears as though they will never get married. Changying Chen and Tracey Smith want them to join a top-secret group who goes after rapist and pedophiles, but first they need to save one of their own. With help from a friend named Mike Dalton (K is for Karin), Juliet and Brent use all of their connections to help save Megan McKinney from her ex-husband. Will Megan find safety in the arms of Abraham Wells and will Caleb Hensley finally find what he is looking for with Annabeth Dillion? D is for Desire is the final book in the Designated Wedding Date series.

***Note: Characters from the Book Convention Romance series make an appearance in this book.***

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