Love Match Mix-up

book 2



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 12

M is for Menage COVER.jpg

M is for MENAGE

(Love Match Mix-up book 2)

What Ashley wants more than anything in the world is to have a child and grow old with her best friend, Lawrence, but Lawrence is newly engaged and trying to have a child with his fiancée, Mariah. Will Ashley’s crush on Mariah and her love for Lawrence be enough for her to enter into a relationship with both of them, or will her Baptist upbringing ruin any chance of her ability to find true happiness? Tracey has had some hard knocks when it comes to love recently; one of her exes turned out to be a spy and the other one is now pregnant. Will her new hobby of having sex with married couples fill her need for intimacy, or will she find love with someone new?

***Note: Characters from the Designated Wedding Date series make an appearance in this book.***