Love Match Mix-up

book 3



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 13

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(Love Match Mix-up book 3)

After breaking up with her fiancé, Mariah seeks solace with ex-boyfriend, Winter. He was, after all, the man she once thought was her happily-ever-after. With a miscarriage still on her mind and Christmas right around the corner, will she be able to piece together her broken heart in time to see the man Winter has become? Winter is a man of many regrets, but his biggest one was cheating on Mariah. She was the woman he was supposed to marry and the woman who should have been the mother of his son. In the season of miracles, will he be able to show her how truly sorry he is for his past actions, and if he does, will it be enough for her to realize that breaking up with her fiancé wasn’t an ending but the beginning of fated love?

***Note: Characters from the Book Convention Romance series and the Designated Wedding Date series make an appearance in this book.***