Love Match Mix-up

book 6



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 16

M is for Master COVER.jpg

M is for MASTER

(Love Match Mix-up book 6)

Al doesn’t have much of a personal life. His friends tease him about taking bubble baths and drinking champagne with his computer, Alexa. But in an act of either sabotage or fate, his potential soulmate’s name is revealed to him. Since all of his friends are happily paired already, Al will stop at nothing to make sure that Annabeth takes notice of him, even if that means organizing and participating in a BDSM workshop. Annabeth never expected to enter into a romantic relationship with Tracey. After her husband died, her fantasy was to find and marry another man, and that man, according to ghost matchmaker Nurse W, is putting together an entire BDSM workshop just to woo her. Will this act be enough to win Annabeth’s heart, or does her heart already belong to Tracey?

***Note: Characters from the Book Convention Romance series and the Designated Wedding Date series make an appearance in this book.***