Soulmate Summit Uncertainty book 5



Ghost Matchmaker Series book 21

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S is for SAMUEL

(Soulmate Summit Uncertainty 5)

Al, Annabeth, and Sabrina are all suffering from heartbreak. Disappearing to a hotel for a week together gives them time to heal and a safe place to recover. Sabrina, while secretly harboring feelings for Al, is still determined that Annabeth and Al are a true match and endeavors to push them together to help each other mend their broken hearts. Annabeth is reeling from her broken engagement to Tracey and doesn’t know if she can ever love again, while Al struggles to convince her that she was always his true soulmate as he reconciles his relationship with Sabrina and his role as the father of her child. Together, the trio attempt to determine their path for the future.

***Note: Characters from the Book Convention Romance series, the Designated Wedding Date series, and the Love Match Mix-up series make an appearance in this book.***