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JOSSiLYNN lives in Colorado where she just built her very own woman cave and sends any man who’s overstepped their bounds to the dog house she’s built for them. She’s still awaiting the arrival of The One, who according to a psychic grocer will have a first name that begins with the letter J.



WARNING the books I write are Erotica/ Romance and contain ADULT CONTENT!

While I pull from real life experience as an author, none of the characters in this book are based on real people. They are fictional, as are all scenes and sexual acts depicted. These books are classified as erotica and intended for an 18-year or older audience. As always, sex should be consensual between parties involved. Always practice enthusiastic consent, no means no unless you and your partner(s) have specified another safe word, take precaution to prevent against unwanted pregnancies and STDs and remember to never stick anything into any hole it wasn’t designed for. 

The sex scenes and implied sexual acts of these books are in no way a reflection of what I as an author condone or practice although I make it pretty clear as to what I will not condone or practice (child pornography, bestiality, snuff). 
​The Book Convention Romance series, the Designated Wedding Date series, the Love Match Mix-up series, the Soulmate Summit Uncertainty series, and the Queen Nymph series may contain MFM, MMF, gay sex, group sex, anal sex, BDSM, and other graphic sexual acts. They may also discuss violet crimes such as rape.